hola a todos


The electronics clambered, numbered incessantly the pixels

Evermore they quoted as they looked sheepishly beyond the waving kelp

But how many fonts hold fast to the batholiths where benthic crawlers lurk?

All sounds resonate truly never resting they attest to organisms organized

Materialized from matter without flatter, all is jargon even tarragon

So have you planned usurping what is beyond the seamless light?


Fishing for extinct species yet landing luggage makes one uneasy

But oh so few have caught the ride switched on by myriad microchips

Looking into the lightened halogen afforded space upon the brazen hillside strata

It is all an electric race for peace with resistors, electrons racing past hazards

Imagination pictured impossibilities precisely placed to soothe the softened goals

Remotely fusiform he held in his own untrained hand although he dipped at times

Mechanisms, anachronisms and microcosms of life go on to divide or multiply

They form a landing, certain coiled spinning prisms an animate defense of green

Can a pixel bring a timely recompense or electrons reap a harvest?

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